On December 9, 2015, we celebrated the Grand Opening of our new “Johnson Design Studio” STEM Lab!


Two days later, our teachers got their first taste of the lab. Soon, our kids will be solving project-based engineering challenges in teams!

Mr. Levinson said the following about the goal of the new resource, “Johnson’s Design Studio hopes to be a place where all learners can thrive in a hands-on, team centered environment. Students will collaboratively plan, design, and create solutions to real-world problems, and be exposed to the engineering process and practices.  The overall goal is to develop higher-order cognitive skills and social abilities that are applicable to any content area, as well as the jobs of tomorrow.”

The H.C. Johnson PTO provided financial support for the Johnson Design Studio, including seed money for materials and projects, including…




PICTURE YOUR KIDS HERE, embracing science, technology, engineering, and math education while they have FUN!



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Our new “Johnson Design Studio” STEM Lab is ready!