Committee Information:

  • Committee chairs will be responsible for all aspects of their event that apply including scheduling, building usage forms, fundraising forms, volunteer recruitment and scheduling, security request forms, copying and distribution of flyers,
  • Committee members will work with the chairperson(s) to plan and execute each event. Other volunteers may be asked to help execute the activity.
  • To assist a committee chairperson, one member of the PTO Executive Board will act as a liaison between the committee chair and the Board.
  • Committee chairs should meet and communicate with their committee prior to an event and notify the Board liaison if additional volunteers are needed to execute the event.
  • All monies collected by any committee must be submitted to the PTO Treasurer within 2 weeks of collection with the proper form completed.
  • Committee chairs must be paid members of the HC Johnson PTO.


Bingo Family Night: Chairperson(s) is responsible for securing a date, informing the school community, taking reservations for two different sessions and enlisting volunteers.  Responsibilities also include purchasing and/or soliciting prizes for participants and providing snacks.  

Blue Claws Night: Chairperson(s) is responsible for scheduling and coordinating a group fundraiser at a Spring Lakewood Blue Claws baseball game. This may include tickets sales, concession stand duty and 5th grade performance of the National Anthem.

Book Fair: Chairperson(s) is responsible for scheduling, organizing and coordinating three book fairs per year. Volunteers may help set up, help children shop or help break down the Book Fair after the sale.

Box Tops: Chairperson(s) works with a committee that cuts, organizes and ships the Box Top labels for redemption. This also includes several in-school contests to help encourage the students to bring in labels.

Clothing Drive: Chairperson(s) is responsible for contacting a company that will buy used clothing and other items that are collected at the front of HCJ on specific dates (Fall, Winter and Spring). Once the dates are selected, parents are to be notified as far in advance as possible so they may save their used items. Dates are chosen to correspond with other PTO activities to encourage participation.

Coffee Sale: Coordinates an annual coffee sale fundraiser.

Community Discount Card: Chairperson(s) is responsible for communicating with vendor, negotiating a deal, purchasing cards, marketing to community and collecting funds for deposit.

Community Garden: NEW FOR 2018-2019. This committee works with the school IMC/Aquaponics to care for plantings on school grounds.

Coupon Book Sale: Chairperson(s) is responsible for choosing product, ordering, coordinating distribution and return of books, as well as keeping track of sales in early Fall. Together with a committee, a decision will be made before the beginning of the school year as to which book will be sold.

Dine-Outs: Chairperson(s) is responsible for contacting local restaurants for a monthly fundraiser that will allow families to either dine at their establishment or take food home while the PTO earns a profit. In addition, they will also arrange for a fundraiser, venue to be determined by the PTO Board, on the night following the choral concert.

Fall Fun: Plans and executes the Fall Fun event.

Food Drives: Chairperson(s) is responsible for sending flyers to promote the donation of non-perishable items to be distributed to local families in need as determined by the Board and teacher representatives.  Donations will have to be sorted and boxed.   There are at least two food drives per year.

5th Grade Activities: Chairperson(s) is responsible for coordinating the end of the year activities for the 5th grade students. This includes lunch for field day, a farewell dance, 5th Grade t-shirts, and a breakfast.  Other responsibilities may arise as determined by the 5th grade Committee, comprised of 5th grade parents.

Game Night-Mother/Son: Chairperson(s) is responsible for securing a venue with the District, filing necessary permits, creating games and activities to be played,  purchasing prizes, and supplying light refreshments.

Gertrude Hawk: Chairperson(s) is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the Winter and Spring candy sale from setting up starting date of sale, to scheduling a pick up date. Collection of monies and distribution of brochures is also a responsibility of the Chairperson.

HCJ 50th Anniversary: NEW FOR 2018-2019. Plan and execute activities surrounding H.C. Johnson School’s 50th anniversary, which begins in May 2019.

Holiday Cookie Party: Plan and execute the holiday cookie decorating event.

Holiday Shop: Chairperson(s) is responsible for coordinating all aspects of a Winter Holiday Shop. This includes stocking merchandise, scheduling classes and recruiting volunteers to assist students and personalize gifts.

Hospitality: Chairperson(s) coordinates the annual Back to School Luncheon for the teachers. Planning begins in the Spring of the previous school year for this event which takes place before students return to school. They also coordinate lunches for the staff during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Joe Corbi: Chairperson(s) is responsible for all aspects of sale of pizza and cookie dough products including distributing brochures, coordinating dates for start and end of sale and delivery and distribution of products.

Membership: The Chairperson(s) distributes an application for membership to all families and staff members. As payments are received, information is added to a PTO database and payment given to the PTO treasurer.

Nominating: A nominating committee of at least 2 people shall be appointed in the Spring for members to submit nominations for the PTO Executive Board Election that takes place in April. Members of this committee may not be candidates for any office.

Plant Sale: Chairperson(s) is responsible for ordering plants and volunteers, setting up the plant sale, and staffing the plant sale for the week before Mother’s Day.

School Pictures: Committee is responsible for assisting at picture day and distributing pictures. Pictures are scheduled by the district.

Special Events: The special events committee plans and executes larger fundraisers, such as Casino Night and Color Run.

Spirit Wear: Chairperson(s) coordinates the design, ordering, sales and distribution of apparel with the HC Johnson logo to students and faculty. This is done in the Fall each year and possibly the Spring.

Sweetheart Dance-Father/Daughter: Chairperson(s) is responsible for securing a date, filing for necessary permits, booking a DJ, selling tickets, taking reservations, providing refreshments and checking in participants the night of the event.

Sunshine: Chairperson(s) for this committee shall be the PTO Executive Board Corresponding Secretary. A committee may be assembled to help with the distribution of gifts acknowledging various members of the staff of HCJ throughout the year. He/she will also send cards/gifts for births, marriages, sicknesses, etc. as deemed necessary by the HCJ PTO Board.

Talent Show: Plan and execute the Johnson’s Got Talent show.

Vendor Promotions: Chairperson(s) is responsible for maintaining a working relationship with particular vendors that offer fundraising opportunities for our members.  He/she will be encouraged to sign HCJ up for other worthwhile programs.  These vendors include, but are not limited to:

  • Amazon Smile: Chairperson(s) makes HCJ Families aware that they may register HCJ as their charity of choice while making purchases on Amazon. 
  • Campbells Labels for Education/Shop Rite Promotion: Chairperson(s) keeps track of status of program. When enough points are collected they contact Campbell’s to redeem points for merchandise for HCJ. He/she notifies parents how they can sign up on-line by linking their Shop Rite Price Plus Card to the Campbell’s Labels for Education program. No clipping, collecting or counting labels is necessary. 
  • My Coke Rewards: Chairperson(s) makes sure HCJ families are aware that they may register on-line with the Coke Points program and donate points found on Coke products to HCJ. Points can be redeemed for merchandise for HCJ.
  • Stop & Shop A+: Chairperson(s) makes sure HCJ families are aware that they may register their Shop ‘n Stop card on-line with their program that will donate a percentage of money spent to HCJ.
  • TD Bank Affinity Program: Chairperson(s) will inform HCJ families of this program that generates monies for our school with every new account opened as well as every existing account.

Website: Chairperson will work with a PTO Executive Board member and is responsible for updating information on the PTO website. This includes calendar, links, committee listings, and PTO Executive Board information.

Yearbook: Chairperson(s) and committee are responsible for photographing and collecting pictures of students, faculty and events, designing pages, processing orders and distributing the completed yearbook.